AOG & Parts support

Pool Access at J.B.Avicon

If you have an AOG situation or one of your aircraft needs parts support while undergoing Heavy Maintenance, J.B.Avicon now has access to a strategic pool of Rotables and Expendables located in Europe, USA and Asia/Pacific. Since December 2008 we also have access to the Surplus Spare Parts of 2 major European Flag Carriers

If the part is not available from the pool, we will locate it for you right away.
For MD80/90 and B737 operators, we now also offer NO-GO and GO-IF LRU's for pool agreements at major European Airports to support the daily airlines operation.
Our inventory is located at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and under the full control of Fast Forward Freight.

For airlines only: we ship 24/7 (also during weekends and Sundays), using aviation specialized courier services for having your part on the first flight out.

Airports within 1,5 driving hours from J.B.Avicon are:

Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Liege, Maastricht, Eindhoven to just name 7 of the 15 airports in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

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